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Are you constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and places to publish your original content and website? Do you want to expand your audience and reach thousands of new readers a month? Use our website authority to your advantage and become a partner at Fifth&Hazel today! As a partner you will receive your very own dedicated business page on Fifth&, with links directly to your website.

By becoming a partner, you will receive your own business page on Your business page will include:

  • A direct link to your website’s home page from
  • Links to your social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • A description section, where you will be able to describe your business, pitch it, and present it in your own words.

By becoming a partner, you will immediately broaden your outreach marketing, opt in to Fifth&Hazel’s website authority, and reach a far greater audience than before.

How To Become A Partner

If becoming a partner seems like it may be right for you, please review the following requirements:

  1. Your website must be associated with real estate, homeownership, and similar topics.
  2. Your website is subject to inspection and approval. If your website does not meet our requirements we will not accept your request to become a partner.
  3. You will be required to provide:

    o Brief introductory description of your business – up to 150 characters
    o Marketing pitch/business description – up to 400 words
    o Note that content must be written in clear, neat, and correct English. Low quality content will be rejected. Revisions will not be permitted.
  4. You may include one cover photo for your page (minimum resolution of 1920 x 1280 px, licensed as free for commercial use). If you do not provide one, we will choose one for you.
  5. You must submit your website logo in PNG format, 453x453 px in size.

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