10 Characteristics of a Perfect House Design

November 9, 2021

Designing your home is one of the hardest but very enjoyable parts of building a new home. There are many things to consider when designing a house, such as function, style, comfort, and convenience, and it can be difficult to give enough attention to every one of these.

How you design it and make each inch of your property work according to your needs is key to building a house. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’re building a new house, it’s crucial to make sure that the home you build will provide your needs today and can still provide your needs in the future as you and your family change.

If you’re building a home, here are the characteristics of a perfect house design that you should adopt for your project:

House Design

Flexible Space

What you need now might not be what you need tomorrow anymore, right? Then, what about just a few years into the future?

In designing a home, you need to do it in a way that satisfies all your current needs but with enough room for change if your priorities change. If you have a growing family, it’s important to have multifunctional areas in your house to really take advantage of the property.

You can also convert these spaces into more rooms, a kitchen, a home office, or even a home gym. By allowing flexible space, you can provide flexibility and a lot of choices for yourself and your growing family, and also for buyers, if you ever decide to sell your property.

Good Ventilation

You can never be comfortable in a place where it’s hard to breathe because there’s not enough ventilation. Proper ventilation allows you to get rid of any smells quickly. Good ventilation is also good for maintenance, as it can remove any lingering moisture, which helps make sure that floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture are dry.

Kitchen Design

Plan the Kitchen Well

The kitchen keeps people from getting hungry, which goes a long way in ensuring everyone is healthy and comfortable. For an effective kitchen, you might want to consider plenty of cupboards and drawers, unencumbered bench spaces, a large pantry, and a multi-purpose island bench.

Furthermore, it’s also crucial to provide the kitchen with a lot of room. Cooking isn’t easy, especially for an entire family, and even more so when you don't have enough space. With a spacious kitchen, you can make cooking more efficient so that your family can enjoy quality food.

Ergonomic Interior

You can have a small space for a room, but with good ergonomics, you can maximize every inch and make the room look and function bigger than it actually is.

Outdoor Area

Outdoor Area

The home isn’t just limited to whatever’s inside the walls of your house. Of course, the yard or outdoor area is a part of the home, too. Having a good outdoor area can give you opportunities for different activities and entertainment.

Also, the kids will love playing in your outdoor area. It can also be used for occasions like birthday parties, dinners, and more. With a beautiful and spacious outdoor area or garden, you can feel and enjoy nature without actually going out of your property.

High-Quality Material

Even with a good house design, your home wouldn’t be able to function quite well if it’s constructed using substandard materials. A home is an investment in which you use your lifetime savings, which is why you need to make sure your house is built using the best materials possible by getting a reputable developer to build it for you.


Over the years, you and the other family members will accumulate quite a lot of stuff. While some of these can be discarded, some are too valuable to be thrown away, leading to a need for storage.

For storage, consider building storage rooms, wardrobes, integrated cabinetry, and roof space. With storage, you can avoid throwing out valuable things that you aren’t ready to be rid of as yet.

Living Room

Enough Space for the Living Room

The living room is a very crucial part of any home. It’s where everyone goes to spend time with each other when they are free. It’s why the living room must have enough space to make it suitable for different activities.

Make sure that it has an ergonomic design and has space for at least a sofa, a TV set, and a dining table with chairs.


The house’s orientation or position is another part of building a home that requires a lot of thinking, as it decides which areas in your house receive direct sunlight.

Orientation is vital as sunlight can influence the temperatures inside your home, which may lead to differences in heating and cooling costs.

Use Quality Fixtures and Fittings

A home is never complete without quality fixtures and fittings. So you can enjoy your home without having to deal with maintenance every week because of terrible fixtures and fittings, you have to make sure that you get them from a good source that you know will provide you with the beautiful, functional, and reliable fixtures and fittings that your house needs. If you want, you can ask your developer to help you with this.

House Design Plan

The Best House Design

There is no real perfect house design, but there’s a perfect house design for your needs, so you and your family can live happily and comfortably. You just have to find it from a number of single storey home design for you to choose from.

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