Zach & Meagan

Yes… It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. And my company name has changed! Huzzah…But here are a few of my favorite photos from that wedding in South Carolina..


wedding sneak peak

Here is a wedding I shot recently :) More coming soon…

Brittany Leonard Ratelle

Some lovely portraits of my dear friend Brittany. The light was lovely.

Scott & Michaela Graduation

This is a wonderful family that just graduated from BYU.
We took some graduation pictures of them, and some fun ones as well.

Michaela is a great friend of mine, and Scott and I work together doing websites.


Capitol Hill Again- Representative Mike Noel

I headed up to Salt Lake City again last week to capture Representative Mike Noel in action.

It was so much fun being on the floor of the House of Representatives while it was in session.
For some reason, all I could think of was my High School AP History teacher,
and how amazing the United States Government is.


Meet Representative Greg Hughes

I had the chance to photograph Representative Greg Hughes
and his lovely family for his campaign.

Isn’t the Salt Lake City Capital so beautiful?



there was perfect lighting in my trip to the tetons and yellowstone last summer.
I wish it was summer again.

Zach & Meagan Engagements

this lovely couple will be getting married in May;
their wedding announcements are up next,
so stay tuned!


Coming Soon: Zach & Meagan

Just one of a few works in progress :) Will be up soon!

Brittany and Brandon

Some wedding pictures I took back in the fall. lovely couple and lovely outdoors.