There is great energy and inspiration that can come from art.

Fifth & Hazel hopes to change and impact people through art. We hope to help individuals see beyond what their own eyes can see, to inspire people in their own lives, and invoke change throughout the globe. These changes can come through visual senses, whether it be a meaningful advertisement campaign or a small, personal card.

melanie burk

Fifth & Hazel was founded by Melanie M. Burk. She is a designer, teacher, collector of happy, and lover of life.  Melanie founded Fifth & Hazel in 2009 where she works with clients to design identities, websites, and patterns for surface design. She also teaches classes at atly, and sells her designs at Caravan ( a company she co-owns and runs with her friends Alma Loveland and Mike Loveland.)

Melanie has a BA in graphic design and a minor in business management from Brigham Young University. She loves the outdoors, surfing, March Madness, photography, opera, white hangers, hiking, traveling, Brazil, her husband, typography, foreign movies, her two precocious daughters, alternative bands, Africa, and of course design (not in this order).