Free Christmas Tag Download

It hasn’t snowed too much here, but I can’t say that I mind… the San Diego native that I am. Christmas to me will always be surfing at the beach! However, all of this wrapping paper excitement has gotten me motivated to get my act together and get all of my holiday shopping and neighbor gifts done. I spent a bit of time baking this weekend… whether or not these treats actually made it to planned neighbors is my little secret… but here are some tags I thought you might enjoy for neighbor gifts, or for anything else you are handing out!

Happy Christmas and enjoy the download!


*This file is for personal use, and may not be emailed or distributed without permission.



  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just darling. I found you through Kirsten. Thank you so much for the darling tags! You are so talented.

  3. Is it okay if I show these on my blog and credit you? I used them on some gifts of mine. Too cute.

  4. Do you sell your fonts? I love the script handwriting!

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