Exciting News & Download!

Well, this week has ended up being stressful to say the least- but soo exciting.

Here is my big news:

1. My wrapping paper that I teamed up with Bri of Collected is printed and ready to go! We are just packaging and getting it ready for next week at Bijou. Yay! We have chevron, triangles, ombre, stripes, watercolor.. and more!

(all photos done by Bri. Check out her blog to see more photos)



2 Our app Make it Pop launched, and has been listed on Itunes New & Noteworthy. Yay! So much hard work, and so exciting to see it happening!

(you can buy it here)



3.  I give to you a free download! This has been such an exciting week, and I feel so excited- that I had to share some goodness with you. And so I give to you these beautiful mustache thank you cards. Your welcome. Just write someone a nice thank you note ok?




  1. LOVE how the wrapping paper turned out!! seriously, amazing. you girls are so talented. wish i could be at bijou next week, but i’ll blog about your booth next week :)

  2. love the card, like it all, love the grey wrapping paper most!

  3. The zig-zag paper is awesome! Nice work you two.

  4. my husband has a big mustache which he is often recognized by so this is a great download for me. thank YOU!

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