Collaboration: what I have been up to

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been collaborating a lot with different people in the last year- and these have proven to be awesome experiences for me. Collaboration is great at an artist- because it can really push you artistically to create even better work. I find that when I collaborate with my clients even- really take into account their view and artistic vision, that is can also push me in my own work.

That being said- here is a little bit of what I have been up to:

1. Tryangle Labs

I formed this company with three friends: Alma Loveland, Angie Anderson, and Darren Turetzky. We are creating children’s apps and are about to release our firt app next Monday called Make it Pop. We have been working on it for quite a few months now, and we are really excited to launch it and move forward on all of the other apps we have planned. It has been a wonderful mix because it has pushed all of us to make even better work and push each other.

2. Bijou

This year for Bijou, I teamed up with my good friend Bri to create some wrapping paper and gift tags. This has been super fun because I would have never thought of creating wrapping paper on my own, and again- it has been so nice to work with someone in creating, editing, and finally producing our final work. I can give you a tiny sneak peak of it here, but we will be posting more pictures in the next as we get ready for Bijou on the 18th.

3. Creative Collaborative

After I met Alma at Alt in January, I realized how many amazing artists lived near to me. A group of five of us: Alma Loveland, Justin Hackworth, Sarah Jane, and Susan Petersen and I started creating a monthly meeting to get together and talk about things that mattered to us. That has been the most wonderful thing! It has almost felt like a monthly therapy session- to get with other artists and see what we are each doing, and talk about our problems, solutions, and endeavors. It has been one of my most favorite things. Our next meeting is in two days- and we are hearing from a intellectual properties lawyer who will talk about artist rights and property.

Anyways, thats what I have been up to in collaborations. What types of collaborations have worked for you?


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  1. wow, congrats — all of these projects look awesome. you have inspired me to find more ways to collaborate. after moving to seattle i noticed there is a serious lack of blogger networking opportunities (or maybe there is just an overload of it in utah 😉 so i’m working with a fellow blogger to create monthly meet-ups. our first one will be next month & i’m super nervous/excited about it. yay for collaboration!

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