Recent: Sarah Jane Catalogue

About 2 months ago, I was able to design a catalogue for my good friend Sarah Jane. She is the most amazing illustrator and just released a line of fabric called children at play. It is already on its second bath of printing, and the line is just beautiful! Check it out here!

Here is what I designed for her:

Here is a picture of her booth.. you can see the catalogues stacked on the table.

(photo courtesy of Sarah Jane)

It is always wonderful to collaborate with other artists- and it is so easy to design when the art itself is so lovely.

Congrats to Sarah Jane!


Recent: Few United

About 6 months ago, I helped design the logo and website for Few United (Few stands for funds empowering women) They just sent their first microloans to Liberia a few weeks ago- so exciting!

I find that some of my favorite projects are those will help benefit people around the world- and we all know I have a really soft spot for Africa, having been to South Africa and Mozambique. I loved being apart of this project. I can’t wait to see how it changes lives. Check out their site and see the good they are doing!


maggie gets a cast.

Remember when I said this past month has been crazy? here is just one of the reasons why.

Maggie waits to get her cast. She insisted on wearing her tutu.

brave girl.

I am not quite sure why I was laughing here…. I think it was just so sad, that I had to laugh not to cry.

she did like that we signed it for her .

this is the face she gave me when I asked her to smile. ha!


it’s been a whirlwind month

Well it has been a busy, busy past month as always keeping up with all of my projects. Between a trip to NY, and  trip to San Diego to see family, and add in about 6 trips to the doctor for my daughter maggie- her having a UTI, and her also fracturing her bone… it has been a crazy month.

I am deep at work on some secrets (shh!) that will be announced soon… but here is something I just finished last week for Make and Takes.. they are doing an AWESOME summer camp for kids with lots of amazing crafts. Check it out here.

I will also be posting pictures and reviews of NY this week… Alma and I were interviewed, I will be telling you more about that too :) as well as pictures of Maggie and her cast.

Happy Monday!