2 exciting developments

It has been a wild past 6 months. I feel like since November I have been in survival mode. Does that ever happen to you?

Anyways, several of my projects I have had to keep quite about- but now I can announce and show one of them:

It’s called Motherhood matters, and it is a campaign I helped design for KSL Studio 5. They were absolutely a dream to work with, and it was a really fabulous project to be apart of for a few reasons- 1. I have a fantastic mother who taught me so much of what I know. 2. I have so many other women in my life who have been like mothers to me and 3. I am a mother myself to a cute little 18 month old, who keeps me busy!

So without further ado, here are just a few of the pieces I designed that are available to download here. More will be coming in the next few days, and be sure to check out the 10 day challenge and all of the other wonderful things that Studio 5 has worked to create. so fun!

Download the pie box here:

Download 4 prints here:

*Both photos courtesy Lindsey Briggs Photography

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